Friday, December 19, 2014

Club Dues

Reminder that dues are due in January.  Please bring them to the January meeting or mail them to: SCMKC, P.O. Box 1162, West Plains, MO 65775 ~ Beth

Upcoming Training Info & Ideas

Some of us have been tossing around the idea of having some formal training sessions of about 6 weeks in length.  There would be a fee to pay for the instructors and the facility.  A lot of details still need to be worked out.  The idea is to have a class that starts at a certain level and moves towards a definite end objective.  There are folks who are beyond basic obedience and agility and need to be able to move on to the next level.  With the way we have been doing things everybody is staying at the beginner level because we are constantly having new folks joining us at the beginner lever.  Plus some people just like a more structured environment.  We will still have the informal training where we help each other.  This is still needed for those who don't like the formal training or just aren't in the position to be able to attend on a weekly basis but still want to get out with their dog.  Barb and I are thinking about offering a tracking class if we can get a location to hold it.

We will start back with the informal training on January 4th.  I'll send a reminder note out closer to that time.  

~ Beth

Thank you!

First off I would like to thanks those of you who attended the parade and/or came to the Dec. meeting Christmas party.  We had a good time at both.  Mandy already had ideas for how we could decorate the truck next year.  Margit posted pictures on Facebook.  We had a nice private room at Ryans so we didn't disturb other folks with our game and meeting.  ~ Beth

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Upcoming Weekend Events! Dec 13th & 14th

This Saturday (December 13)is the Christmas parade in West Plains.  Line-up is at 1:00 and the parade starts at 4:00.  From what Angela passed along when she signed us up, since we aren't competing we can't line up until 1:00.  Mike had gotten permission for us to decorate behind All-Pet.  So I'll be there with the my ton flatbed truck.  At 1 pm or shortly after I'll go over to Missouri Ave.  They told us to just line-up at the end of the line.  Sounds like they are trying to get the judged floats up front.  If it is after 1 pm when you get to town, give me a call and I'll let you know about where we are at.  We are going to decorate the truck.  The sign will be on front.  We can hang garland, wreaths, etc. from the bed.  If you have something that would make some good decorations bring it with you and wire or string to attach it to the truck.  If you are going to ride on the bed of the truck, you may want to bring something soft & warm to sit on.  It has a metal bed.  The parade moves pretty fast and is about 1 1/4 miles long.  Some of us will be decorating our dogs also.  It sounds like it is going to be a nice day.

Sunday is our Christmas party/December meeting.  We will be meeting at Ryan's restaurant in West Plains at 1:00.  It is on Hwy 160 west just past Wal-Mart.  The business meeting will be short.  We need to elect officers.  We need a secretary and treasurer plus at least 1 board member.  Please let Donna know if you are willing to serve.  We will also be voting on change in the memberhsip dues for 2015.  A proposal was made to keep active member dues the same but to increase non-active member dues to $20 for individual and $30 for family.  To be considered active you need to come to a business meeting and help at an event once a quarter.  If passed, all current members will pay active member dues in 2015.  New members will pay the higher rate.  In 2016 dues will be based on how active the member is.  Membership dues are due in January.  We will be playing the Dirty Santa Game.  If you wish to participate, we suggested a gift of about $10 value.  It can be a cool gift or a gag gift.  That is part of the fun.  Your family members are welcome to join us.

Those of you who are not members are welcome to join us at these events.  We have lots of fun at both.

Hope to see you there.