Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Schedule for Monday Fun Night Practice

1st, 3rd and 5th Monday of each month starting at 6:30 pm, Fun Night Practice will be held at Galloway Park through the summer until it gets cold. Fun Nights in the winter months are held at Risner Stables. Proof of rabies vaccination is required. Call Beth at (417) 252-0349 ahead of time to let her know you are coming that week so she can contact you if need to cancel. ~ Beth

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Old Time Music & Heritage Festival

This is a reminder that the festival is this coming Friday and Saturday. They have been promoting our demonstrations at 3:00 and 7:00. So we need to make sure we can put on some decent ones. At 3:00 we can do agility jumps with weaves. I would like to show them how they can get started and some dogs running a pattern. The pattern would be simple. At 7:00 we will do the drill team demonstration followed by rally and obedience. If you are uncomfortable talking in front of a crowd, I can do the announcing. If you have any suggestion on how to do the demonstrations let me know. A few people have let me know when they can help but we need a lot more to man the booth and help with the demonstrations. So if you can help, please let me know ASAP. The times are 10-7 on Friday and 9-6 on Saturday. If you can do a couple hours that would be great. ~ Beth

Monday Night Practice & Drill Team Practice

Reminder we will be doing training Monday night. I'll try to bring the agility equipment but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. If I can't bring the equipment, we can play some obedience games with the dogs. We can meet at Galloway Park again. We will do drill team practice afterwards. I would like us to go down to the area where we will be doing the demonstration to practice so we have a better idea on how much room we will have. If you are going to join us just for the drill team part, give me a holler before you come to make sure where we are at. The weather is supposed to be good Monday evening. ~ Beth

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Upcoming Events for June

Monday night fun time - June 2nd & 16th - Please let me (Beth) know by phone (417) 252-0349 or e-mail if you plan on coming. If you let me know you are coming, I can give you a call if we need to cancel. The weather for Monday is calling for scattered chances of rain. We can always drop into the pavilion if it starts to rain. Unless this changes to a good chance for thunderstorms we will be there. We will meet at Galloway park at 6:30. As always if you can't make it at 6:30 you are welcome to drop in when ever you can get there. We usually quit around 8:00. We would hold drill team practice towards the end. Old Time Music Festival and Heritage Days - June 20 & 21. We will once again have a booth at the festival. We need to staff the booth on Friday from 10 -7 and Saturday from 9 - 6. Since vehicles have to be out of the booth area by 9 Friday morning, we will start setting up at 8:30. If 1 or 2 people can help that would be great. We don't have much heavy stuff. It would be good to have 2 people at the booth all the time. So if you can take a 2 hour shift that would be great. You can bring your dog as long as it is comfortable with crowds and little kids. Nearly everybody asked before petting the dogs, but there is always somebody who doesn't. If you think your dog might bite if surprised I would recommend leaving him home or bringing a crate for him to have a comfort zone. For the display I was thinking of pictures of what we do and some responsible dog ownership information. If anybody has any other ideas let me know. Also I could use help with putting something together. Since I'll probably get pictures off the website, let me know if you don't what any pictures with you in it used. As far as info about the pictures, it will just be what is being done and the breed of dog. We will be doing demonstrations at 3 and 7 on Friday. Nothing on Saturday. I'm thinking each should be 15-30 minutes long. We decided to do a drill team demonstration at the 7:00 time slot. If drill doesn't take that long we can fill-in with obedience or rally demonstration. We need to decide on what to do a 3pm. We will be in a grassy area with corral panels around the area. We can do a jumps with weaves demonstration. None of our contact equipment has been reworked to be usable yet. We can also do obedience and rally. We need volunteers for the demonstrations. Please let me know if you can participate. Club meeting - June 24 Our regular meeting at Howell-Oregon starting at 7:00.~ Beth