Friday, January 23, 2015

January 27th Meeting & Agenda Info

The club meeting is this Tuesday, Jan 27th  at 7:00 at Skillets Restaurant. Skillets is located on Porter Wagoner Blvd (Business 63) on the north end of town. It is north of the junction of Missouri Ave (McDonalds) I have to work that night so Kathy Grow will be leading.

Reminder that membership dues are due. All old members pay the old rate of $10 per person or $15 per household. If you want anything added to the agenda let me know. I'll send the agenda back out Monday evening if there are any changes.

We'll keep the informal training on Sunday afternoons (1st & 3rd) if the weather is good. Thanks Barb for the excellent instructions you gave last week.

Have fun. I'll see you either at the next training or the next meeting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Meeting Agenda January 27, 2015
Roll Call
Introduction of New People/Guests
Minutes of last meeting
Report of President - None
Report of Secretary
Report of Treasurer

Reports of committees
      • Show committee
                o Conformation/Obedience Show – April 18th at Civic Center. Thanks to Diane and Mandy for donations that will make this happen. Will have a flyer out shortly to put up at vets, pet stores, etc to give plenty of advanced notice.
      • Publicity

Election of new members

Unfinished business
      • Training classes – Barn Event Center option - Would cost $50-$75 to rent. Is there interest in having formal training classes in obedience, CGC, or (any ideas)? Would need to charge for use of facility if necessary and at least gas expenses for instructor(s). If have to pay for facility rental maybe could run 2 classes at a time to reduce cost. Springfield Mo. Dog Training Club charges $90 for 6 wks. The instructors are certified or lots of training.
     • Even if we have formal training classes, we would still continue the informal get together we have been having.
     • Missouri Pet Breeders Association – booth – March 5 & 6. If we do this booth we need to develop some decent brochures about the club for folks to take home. It would also be nice to have posters showing our activities. We could use them again for other events.
New business
      • APRI show in Mt. Grove on March 28 - Demonstration.
      • Conformation seminar – same day as dog show
      • June Heritage Festival – been invited back - June 19 & 20
      • Ideas for community events/fund raisers – i.e. 5k fun run/walk with proceeds to help a rescue shelter
      • CGC class offered by AKC kennel inspector Stacy Mason. This class is to get your dog CGC certificate. Dog will have to be registered with AKC. Test is at the end of the classes. If you are interested in this class please contact her - or 405-747-6053. Starts Feb. 3rd at Hirsch feed first night. Please see my previous e-mail or give me a holler and I’ll forward the e-mail to you.

Any other activities sponsored by another club that members may be interested in:
      • None that I could find.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dog Training Sunday 18th

This weekend is the 3rd Sunday of the month. It is supposed to be nice weather. If anybody is interested in training, give me a call (417-252-0349) or e-mail me by Saturday evening. Let's plan on meeting from 2 to 3. I'll be training search and rescue dogs in the morning in Cabool, so I'll need time to swap dogs, eat and get to West Plains. Hopefully it will give those of you who want to go to church in the evening time to get there. If I don't hear from anybody I'll assume nobody is interested and won't drive to W. Plains. So if you decide at the last minute to come, give me a call to make sure we are meeting before you leave home. If you call Sunday, I may not be able to return your call until noon or later. There isn't good cell service where I'll be and I can't answer my phone when I'm working my dog (not enough hands). ~Beth