Saturday, October 31, 2015

News, Updates & Possible Activities October 2015


Candidates are needed for officers for next year. Beth is resigning as President. Need officer/board candidates by Nov. meeting. Election will be at Dec. meeting. Anybody interested in being an officer or board member contact Beth. If you are interested in any position let her know, not sure what office will be vacant.
Place and time for Dec. meeting – Talked about going back to Ryan’s and hold meeting Sunday afternoon again so roads will be better and not driving at night.

Upcoming Events & Possible Activities

  • Upcoming WP Christmas parade – Dec 12 no information available yet. Decide Oct. meeting whether to participate. Theme for parade is Christmas Trees and Memories. Mike suggested for memories – military service dogs. No decision on participation. Could use Beth’s 1-ton flatbed truck for float. 
  • Easter egg hunt for kids and their dogs, introduce folks to scent work. Easter is March 27, 2016. Would have to do March 12 or 19. 
  • 5K dog trot to raise money for local shelters, invite shelters to bring dogs that need adopted.
  • Spring match is April 16th – need to take into account when planning other activities.  
  • Barn Hunt – what it’s about, etc – Kathy, Margit – Both enjoyed event in Springfield are signing up for seminar on Nov, 15. 
  • Supply trailer – Mark will look into shelving to stack ring gating in to stop sliding. Also need shelves to get plastic containers, etc off the floor and out of the way. A dolly is needed for moving equipment, lots of the equipment is heavy to move equipment in and out of trailer and to set up area. Needs to be collapsible or small enough to easily fit into the trailer. Donna made a motion that we look into getting a wagon/dolly. Second by Carol. Passed. 
  • Dog Park in Mt. View – Carol is going to Mt. View city council about using the ball field for a dog park outside ball season. Was going to ask about using for our shows also. Beth suggested keeping the two separate. Kathy is going to go with her. Meeting is Nov. 9 at 6:00. Others are welcome to come along. 
  • Advertising the club – Welcome center has said in the past that folks new to the area ask about dog groups. If we make a flyer they will keep it there for people to take. Carol is going to work on a design. She is going to include what we do, mission statement, and meetings. May be headed by “Looking for something to do with your dog?”

Friday, October 2, 2015

Dog Training Updates

We are going to try to get back on track for the informal training. 

We will be getting together this Sunday at 2pm at Galloway Park in West Plains.  I'll bring the trailer with agility equipment if anybody wants to practice on the dog walk or pause table.  Also will have jumps, tunnel and weave poles.

We are trying for every other Sunday, but other events may change the schedule.  Mandi is looking into an indoor barn to use over the winter. 

We still need to work on the equipment, So if anybody wants to come to my place the following Sunday, we can work on it then.  If we don't get the repairs finished soon the weather is going to start getting too cold to do any painting.

If you are planning on coming Sunday give me a call or send an e-mail.  417-252-0349

~~~~~~~~~ Beth