Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jan 9, 2016 Conformation Seminar- West Plains

We are having a conformation seminar on Jan. 9 at the Ridge Crest Motel in West Plains from 10 am-3 pm. The instructor is Nickie Hertzog, who raises, trains, show and has championed Golder Retrievers. Fee for a working dog spot is $60, with a second dog at $55. Auditing fee is $10. Price includes a pizza lunch. I would like to have entries by Jan. 2. I will do a waiting list since we only have 12 working spots. Please send a check made out to: SCMKC to c/o Beth Hardman, 1274 County Rd. 5050, Willow Springs, MO 65793. Please include your name and contact information with your payment. If you reserve a spot and can't make it, if you let me know in time I'll try to fill it with somebody on the waiting list. If your spot can be filled, your money will be returned. If it can't be filled there is no refund as we have to cover the costs of the meeting room and the instructor. Link to Nickie Hertzog Business Flyer: Here ~ Beth

Saturday, December 5, 2015

December Activities Updates

Sat. Dec 12 - is the West Plains Christmas parade.  We are entering a float in the parade.  We are using my 1 ton flat bed for the float.  Please come help us decorate at 12 noon.  We will meet at the parking lot just on Minnesota Ave just north of the Minnesota & 2nd St intersection.  If they won't let us park there we will try a parking lot at the corner of Pennsylvania and 1st.  The judging will be at 2:30.  If you want to ride on the truck please let me know so we can plan for enough space.  I'll bring some x-pens to put on the bed to keep dogs from jumping off.  Also the parade moves fast.  So if you think you won't be able to keep up, plan on riding.  Feel free to decorate your dog.  If you can put a big bow on your dog if it will be riding that would be great, look like a present.  The actual parade starts at 4:00.  So bring snacks if you want.  They  usually bring coffee and hot chocolate around. 

Sun. Dec 13 - Is our annual Christmas party.  We will meet at Ryan's Restraunt at 2.  We will do a gift exchange, dirty santa.  If you would like to participate please bring a wrapped present around $10 in value.  We will be electing officers and board mebers.  Also membership dues are due in Dec.

Training - We won't be having any training until Jan 10th.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

News, Updates & Possible Activities October 2015


Candidates are needed for officers for next year. Beth is resigning as President. Need officer/board candidates by Nov. meeting. Election will be at Dec. meeting. Anybody interested in being an officer or board member contact Beth. If you are interested in any position let her know, not sure what office will be vacant.
Place and time for Dec. meeting – Talked about going back to Ryan’s and hold meeting Sunday afternoon again so roads will be better and not driving at night.

Upcoming Events & Possible Activities

  • Upcoming WP Christmas parade – Dec 12 no information available yet. Decide Oct. meeting whether to participate. Theme for parade is Christmas Trees and Memories. Mike suggested for memories – military service dogs. No decision on participation. Could use Beth’s 1-ton flatbed truck for float. 
  • Easter egg hunt for kids and their dogs, introduce folks to scent work. Easter is March 27, 2016. Would have to do March 12 or 19. 
  • 5K dog trot to raise money for local shelters, invite shelters to bring dogs that need adopted.
  • Spring match is April 16th – need to take into account when planning other activities.  
  • Barn Hunt – what it’s about, etc – Kathy, Margit – Both enjoyed event in Springfield are signing up for seminar on Nov, 15. 
  • Supply trailer – Mark will look into shelving to stack ring gating in to stop sliding. Also need shelves to get plastic containers, etc off the floor and out of the way. A dolly is needed for moving equipment, lots of the equipment is heavy to move equipment in and out of trailer and to set up area. Needs to be collapsible or small enough to easily fit into the trailer. Donna made a motion that we look into getting a wagon/dolly. Second by Carol. Passed. 
  • Dog Park in Mt. View – Carol is going to Mt. View city council about using the ball field for a dog park outside ball season. Was going to ask about using for our shows also. Beth suggested keeping the two separate. Kathy is going to go with her. Meeting is Nov. 9 at 6:00. Others are welcome to come along. 
  • Advertising the club – Welcome center has said in the past that folks new to the area ask about dog groups. If we make a flyer they will keep it there for people to take. Carol is going to work on a design. She is going to include what we do, mission statement, and meetings. May be headed by “Looking for something to do with your dog?”

Friday, October 2, 2015

Dog Training Updates

We are going to try to get back on track for the informal training. 

We will be getting together this Sunday at 2pm at Galloway Park in West Plains.  I'll bring the trailer with agility equipment if anybody wants to practice on the dog walk or pause table.  Also will have jumps, tunnel and weave poles.

We are trying for every other Sunday, but other events may change the schedule.  Mandi is looking into an indoor barn to use over the winter. 

We still need to work on the equipment, So if anybody wants to come to my place the following Sunday, we can work on it then.  If we don't get the repairs finished soon the weather is going to start getting too cold to do any painting.

If you are planning on coming Sunday give me a call or send an e-mail.  417-252-0349

~~~~~~~~~ Beth

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Agility Seminar and Match September 26, 2015

The Flyer & Entry form are available for download and printing from these following links. Please mail entry form at least a week ahead of time.
Thanks, Beth.

Agility Match & Seminar Entry Form (PDF)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meeting Notes - May 2015

• Agility fun match – Decided to try to hold it on Sept 26 with a rain date of Oct. 3rd. Check on using the ball field we used last year or RV Arena between Mt. View & Willow Springs. Start at 10:00 am. Need to get judge lined up. Can ask Amy Brashler. We looked up judges on AKC’s website. There are 3 in Missouri. The closest is Springfield. We need to see what it would cost or they may know somebody who is working on getting a judges card. After our last agility match Arlene Myslinski talked about an agility group she was involved with up north that put on shows. She said they wanted to get started down in this area putting on show. Beth will contact Arlene about the group. We would like to go with them as long as there would be a place for beginners at our level to compete. • Next year’s Conformation/Obedience/ Rally show. If we are going to use the civic center we would need to reserve soon since the dates are filling up quickly. The cost is very high. Beth will send Kathy and Donna the ring sizes we need. The will check on facilities in Mt. Grove and Mt. View. The facility in Mt. View we will probably be able to use for free. Mt. Grove is the YMCA building. Donna will check on cost. • Sunday training 2:00 at Galloway Park – May 31. We are moving the practice times to 7:00 pm on the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Friday night for the summer starting on June 5th. Because of the Heritage Festival being the same date the next one would be, we are moving the next practice up a week to June 12th. • June Heritage Festival – June 19 & 20. Demonstration set for 7pm Friday. Will do short (10-15 minutes) drill, agility and rally demonstration. Jodi, Beth & Donna will be part of drill team. Need to find out who else will participate in drill and/or other demonstrations. Set-up starts at 7 Friday morning. We will meet at 8. Need to be set up by 10. Have to staff the booth from 10-7 Friday and 9-6 Saturday. Beth will send e-mail to members to see when they can help. Will shoot for 2 hr time slots again. Beth will send reservation for booths. It is $30 for 10x10. We’ll get 2 spaces. • Drill team will practice at the Galloway park practices. Beth will send out a modified drill to eliminate the circle and incorporate straight lines instead. Make it more suitable for varying numbers of participants. ~ Beth

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Training May 17th

We will be having training this Sunday at 2pm at Galloway Park in West Plains. I'm planning on bringing agility equipment. The weather sounds iffy. If you plan on coming please let me know that way I can contact you if we need to cancel. I'm having trouble with my cell phone. I'm going to try to get it fixed or replaced tomorrow. So it may be better to e-mail a reply to me. If you want to call, the number is 417-252-0349.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Club Meeting April 28th

Just wanted to remind everybody that our next club meeting will be on April 28th. 7:00 at Skillets Cafe in West Plains. Skillets is on Porter Waggoner Blvd. Wanted to send this now since I'll be in Oklahoma Wednesday - Sunday at a training seminar. See you at the meeting. - Beth

Match Results!

If the judges, ring stewards, and entry takers are tired tonight there is good reason. We had a very successful show. What we counted today, we took in enough money between entry fees and the raffle to cover the cost of the civic center. There were also checks that Diane took Friday night plus donations that haven't been included. The best I can count is there were 42 dogs. Entry count is as follows: Conformation - 30 Showmanship - 9 Rally Novice - 16 Rally Advanced & Excellect - 7 Obedience Beginner Novice - 16 All other obedience - 9 CGC - 12 Seminar - 24 A huge thanks to everybody who helped.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Sunday Training at Galloway Park

We are on for training this Sunday (Easter) at 2:00 at Galloway Park in West Plains.  We will practice for the match.  There is a chance for showers. If you want to check before you leave give me a call 417-252-0349.  I usually leave by 1:30 to head for the park.  If you let me know you are coming, I can call you if we have to cancel due to weather.  Be sure to give me your phone number.

If you don't have your match entry form downloaded, printed and filled out, here is the link again! MATCH FLYER & ENTRY FORM

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Upcoming Training & Fun Match Entries Reminder

We decided to not have training this Sunday.  We will have it April 5 & 12 at Galloway Park in W. Plains.  Start time is 2:00.  We will be practicing for the fun match.

Reminder that the Fun Match is April 18th.  In order to make things a little less hectic we would appreciate it if you can send your entries in early.  Plus it will save you a few dollars. 

Download the Entry FormMATCH ENTRY FORM (PDF)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

AKC Obedience Class Levels

AKC Obedience  ClassLevels

Beginner Novice – Heel on leash, Figure 8 on leash, Sit for Exam, Sit Stay, Recall
Pre-novice – Heel on leash, Figure 8 on leash, Stand for Exam, Heel Free, Recall, Stay Sit or Down
Novice – Heel on leash, Figure 8 on leash, Stand for Exam, Heel Free, Recall, Long sit (1 min), Long Down (3 min)
Graduate Novice – Heel on leash, Figure 8 off leash, Drop on Recall, Dumbell Recall, Recall over High Jump, Recall over Broad Jump, Long Down (3 min)
Pre-Open (off leash) – Heel, Figure 8, Drop on Recall, Retrieve on Flat, Retrieve over High Jump, Broad Jump
Open A & B (off leash) – Heel, Figure 8, Drop on Recall, Retrieve on Flat, Retrieve over High Jump, Broad Jump, Long sit (3 min), Long down (5 min)
Graduate Open – Signal Exercise, Scent Discrimination, Directed Retrieve, Moving Stand and Exam, Go Out, Directed Jump
Pre-Utility – Signal Exercise, Sending Article 1, Sending Article 2, Glove, Moving Stand and Exam, Directed Jumping
Utility A & B– Signal Exercise, Sending Article 1, Sending Article 2, Glove, Moving Stand and Exam, Directed Jumping
Versatility 1 – Stand for Exam, Recall, Drop on Recall, Broad Jump, Signal Exercise, Glove

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Break in the Weather for Training

I don't have a clue if this is the 1st or 3rd Sunday on the month but we are finally going to have some nice weather.  If you would like to get together at the park on Sunday at 2:00 give me a holler.  Those of you doing the drill team, maybe we can sneak a practice in with the dogs.  My number is 417-252-0349.  Let me know by Saturday night.  Hopefully by the weekend we'll all be able to get out.  

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fun Match - Saturday April 18, 2015

South Central Missouri Kennel Club
Saturday, April 18, 2015
Civic Center, West Plains, MO
Conformation Handling Seminar:  Learn how to handle your dog in the conformation ring.  Pre-entry $2.00.  Day of Match $3.00
Conformation: Including puppy classes  Jr. & Sr. Showmanship
Obedience: 9 levels                                 Rally:  3 levels
* See entry form for more details.
Pre-Entry fee: $5.00 per class (Entries must be mailed by April 11th)
Day of Match Entry fee: $7.00 per class
AKC Canine Good Citizen test
Fee - $10.00    Bring your dog’s brush, leash, collar, and AKC Reg. # and Reg. Name (if applicable)
Event times:
Obedience/Rally: 9:00AM                              Handling Seminar:  10:00AM
Conformation/Showmanship: 11:30AM       CGC: End of match
Registration: All events: 7:30-8:30AM          CGC: For ½ hr prior to start
                   Additional conformation registration: 10:30-11:00AM
**Only competing dogs may attend & must have current vaccinations.**
Print your Entry form at:  www.scmkc.org   
For more information please contact Match Secretary:

Beth Hardman at mbhardman@centurylink.net
or 417-252-0349

Friday, January 23, 2015

January 27th Meeting & Agenda Info

The club meeting is this Tuesday, Jan 27th  at 7:00 at Skillets Restaurant. Skillets is located on Porter Wagoner Blvd (Business 63) on the north end of town. It is north of the junction of Missouri Ave (McDonalds) I have to work that night so Kathy Grow will be leading.

Reminder that membership dues are due. All old members pay the old rate of $10 per person or $15 per household. If you want anything added to the agenda let me know. I'll send the agenda back out Monday evening if there are any changes.

We'll keep the informal training on Sunday afternoons (1st & 3rd) if the weather is good. Thanks Barb for the excellent instructions you gave last week.

Have fun. I'll see you either at the next training or the next meeting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Meeting Agenda January 27, 2015
Roll Call
Introduction of New People/Guests
Minutes of last meeting
Report of President - None
Report of Secretary
Report of Treasurer

Reports of committees
      • Show committee
                o Conformation/Obedience Show – April 18th at Civic Center. Thanks to Diane and Mandy for donations that will make this happen. Will have a flyer out shortly to put up at vets, pet stores, etc to give plenty of advanced notice.
      • Publicity

Election of new members

Unfinished business
      • Training classes – Barn Event Center option - Would cost $50-$75 to rent. Is there interest in having formal training classes in obedience, CGC, or (any ideas)? Would need to charge for use of facility if necessary and at least gas expenses for instructor(s). If have to pay for facility rental maybe could run 2 classes at a time to reduce cost. Springfield Mo. Dog Training Club charges $90 for 6 wks. The instructors are certified or lots of training.
     • Even if we have formal training classes, we would still continue the informal get together we have been having.
     • Missouri Pet Breeders Association – booth – March 5 & 6. If we do this booth we need to develop some decent brochures about the club for folks to take home. It would also be nice to have posters showing our activities. We could use them again for other events.
New business
      • APRI show in Mt. Grove on March 28 - Demonstration.
      • Conformation seminar – same day as dog show
      • June Heritage Festival – been invited back - June 19 & 20
      • Ideas for community events/fund raisers – i.e. 5k fun run/walk with proceeds to help a rescue shelter
      • CGC class offered by AKC kennel inspector Stacy Mason. This class is to get your dog CGC certificate. Dog will have to be registered with AKC. Test is at the end of the classes. If you are interested in this class please contact her - srm@akc.org or 405-747-6053. Starts Feb. 3rd at Hirsch feed first night. Please see my previous e-mail or give me a holler and I’ll forward the e-mail to you.

Any other activities sponsored by another club that members may be interested in:
      • None that I could find.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dog Training Sunday 18th

This weekend is the 3rd Sunday of the month. It is supposed to be nice weather. If anybody is interested in training, give me a call (417-252-0349) or e-mail me by Saturday evening. Let's plan on meeting from 2 to 3. I'll be training search and rescue dogs in the morning in Cabool, so I'll need time to swap dogs, eat and get to West Plains. Hopefully it will give those of you who want to go to church in the evening time to get there. If I don't hear from anybody I'll assume nobody is interested and won't drive to W. Plains. So if you decide at the last minute to come, give me a call to make sure we are meeting before you leave home. If you call Sunday, I may not be able to return your call until noon or later. There isn't good cell service where I'll be and I can't answer my phone when I'm working my dog (not enough hands). ~Beth